Hello and thanks for checking out MilkMadeArt! I am a tattooer and a painter in Savannah, Georgia and am currently working at Butcher Gallery and Tattoo Studio. Butcher Gallery is a combination art gallery and tattoo studio, offering monthly multi-media exhibits along with the 4 in-house tattooers, open 6 days a week, closed on Mondays.

My tattoo style tends to be more painterly, focusing on organic and nature-based images along with a love for the figure, hense the pinups! So much fun! My paintings are mostly portraits - pet and people - trying to capture the essence of my images, rather than a photo-realistic rendering.

During my career, I've travelled abit, working in Atlanta, Boston, Brooklyn, North Carolina until settling in Savannah. I hope you enjoy the eye-candy and please, feel free to email me at itsmekimreed@gmail.com for any questions or comments.